Since Dec 2010

"Come to Zumba Zoe's class- SHE ROCKS! I am volunteering this promotion: she is THAT good! "Thanks Zoe and the girls! Had a fab time yesterday as always. Roll on Wednesday"

Claire O

“I have always wanted to try Zumba & stumbled upon Zoe’s London Fields class in October 2011. It was so daunting getting back into dance/fitness after 13 years but Zoe was so warm & welcoming that I felt at ease straight away. She constantly delivers her classes with bags of energy & a smile on her face. I never feel like I am attending a class, it feels like I am going to have a laugh and a dance with friends every Tuesday evening & Saturday morning. I have tried other Zumba classes since but none of the other instructors compare to Zoe’s warmth, friendliness & encouragement. I am now more confident than ever and made lots of new friends.
As a bonus, I dropped a dress size in less than a year. Thanks to Zoe I was too small for my maid of honour dress and now I am too small for my bridesmaid dress.
I wouldn’t call myself a Zumba addict, I am more of a Zumba Zoe addict.”
Lorraine B

"I love Zoe’s classes, infact I wish the week away looking forward to my next zumba fix on Mondays & Wednesdays. The atmosphere is great, everyone is friendly and most importantly so is the instructor. Classes are fun and thanks to Zoe’s energy and personality she makes you feel totally at ease. I am officially a Zumba addict, I am achieving so much from classes not only weight loss but also boosting my confidence and making new friends. Thank you Zumba Zoe“
Tina M

“You’re a great lady. You’re not just a zumba instructor but most of all, you are a friend. I am fit now and I couldn’t have done it withouth you. You are an inspiration. We love you Zoe.”
Eve B

"No matter what kind of day I've been having zumba never fails to put a huge smile on my face with Zumba Zoe"

Julia F